Getting Started

What to Expect

Our therapy approach is tailored to each individual, so we allow you to drive a comfortable pace while compassionately pushing you forward just enough to help you move towards your goals. This starts with an initial phone consultation so that we can develop an initial understanding of how you are struggling and what you want to achieve in therapy. The next appointment will be a 60-90 minute assessment appointment where we will cover your symptom history and other specific areas that will inform a treatment plan that we will complete together.

The treatment plan is important for our relationship to ensure that we are staying on track and that your ongoing therapy continues to target the reason that you sought out therapy in the first place. After the assessment appointment you will have the opportunity to begin weekly therapy appointments- we highly recommend weekly therapy sessions to ensure that you are able to develop trust in the therapeutic relationship, establish rapport and be consistent in healing and growth.

Insurance and Payment


$200 per session

Insurances: Private pay, Pacific Source, AETNA, Samaritan, MODA, Out of Network


$150 per session

Insurances: Private pay and sliding fee scale available